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Çorum Emergency Chemists

This list consists of Çorum emergency pharmacies that has been open since yesterday (December 13, 2019 Friday) 18:00 until today (December 14, 2019 Saturday) 08:00 in the morning. This is the default working hours of emergency pharmacies. However, it is possible that certain pharmacies are not open all night, and certain others might be available only on demand, which means they will be available if you call them on the phone and let them know you are coming. As such; it is strongly advised that you call the pharmacy before you actually go there. You can also "Select a District" from the menu and see Çorum on-duty pharmacies in a particular district/town.
Name Address Phone
Kafkas Eczanesi
GPS directions
Yozgat Caddesi, Kafkas Apt.no:31/3 Alaca+90 (364) 411-54-43
Yüksel Eczanesi
GPS directions
Çorum Caddesi, No:42 Bayat+90 (364) 381-47-23
Özden Eczanesi
GPS directions
Meydan Mahallesi, Hastane Caddesi, No:1 İskilip / Çorum+90 (364) 511-59-59
Büyük Eczanesi
GPS directions
Orta Mahallesi, Çarşı Caddesi, No:1 Kargı / Çorum+90 (364) 651-44-00
Danacı Eczanesi
GPS directions
Çorum Caddesi, No:2/a Mecitözü+90 (364) 461-22-98
Bozdoğan Eczanesi
GPS directions
Cemilbey Caddesi, 74/e - Cuma Pazarı Yanı Merkez / Çorum+90 (364) 234-46-45
Güneş Eczanesi
GPS directions
Gazi Caddesi, 77/d - Piri Baba Çamlığı Karşısı Merkez / Çorum+90 (364) 224-10-84
İskender Eczanesi
GPS directions
Dr. Sadık Ahmet Caddesi, 77/b Hititevler Sağlık Ocağı Karşı-Asil Tava Yanı 227 52 97 Merkez / Çorum+90 (364) 227-52-97
Esra Eczanesi
GPS directions
Yeni Mahallesi, Sadri Turan Caddesi, No:16/5 Osmancık / Çorum+90 (364) 611-51-44
Sungurlu Eczanesi
GPS directions
Çorum Caddesi, Garanti Bankası Karşısı. No:69/e Sungurlu+90 (364) 311-87-77
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Today, there are 10 on-duty pharmacies in Çorum.

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