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Hatay Emergency Chemists

This list consists of Hatay emergency chemists on duty from (November 19, 2019 Tuesday) from 18:00 PM until tomorrow (November 20, 2019 Wednesday 08:00 AM) This is the default working hours of emergency pharmacies. However, it is possible that certain pharmacies are not open all night, and certain others might be available only on demand, which means they will be available if you call them on the phone and let them know you are coming. As such; it is strongly advised that you call the pharmacy before you actually go there. You can also "Select a District" from the menu and see Hatay on-duty pharmacies in a particular district/town.
Name Address Phone
Altun Eczanesi
GPS directions
Fatikli Mahallesi, M.cavid Alkan Caddesi, 15/a Altınözü / Hatay+90 (326) 311-38-69
Hakan Eczanesi
GPS directions
Altınçay Mahallesı M.kafadar Caddesı No:47/1 Antakya-Defne / Hatay+90 (326) 227-54-16
Muna Eczanesi
GPS directions
Fevzı Çakmak Mahallesi, Örgü Caddesi, Hasan Asker Apt No:1 Antakya-Defne / Hatay+90 (326) 215-20-20
Başaran Eczanesi
GPS directions
Odabaşı Mahallesi, Uğur Mumcu Bulvarı Golden City A Blok No:66-68/3 Antakya-Defne / Hatay+90 (326) 502-07-07
Duru Eczanesi
GPS directions
Harbıye Mahallesi, Halıslı Mahallesi, Harbıye Caddesi, No:376/a Antakya Antakya-Defne / Hatay+90 (326) 231-69-30
Sevsem Eczanesi
GPS directions
Mustafa Kemal Pasa Mahallesi, Gül Sokak, No:1 Serınyol Antakya-Defne / Hatay+90 (326) 233-33-55
Uluçınar Eczanesi
GPS directions
Samıoytun Caddesı No.22 Arsuz+90 (326) 643-23-99
Belen Eczanesi
GPS directions
Muhlısalı Mahallesi, Marasel Çakmak Caddesi, 41/d Belen / Hatay+90 (326) 441-36-36
Gökçe Eczanesi
GPS directions
Cumhurıyet Meydanı No:7 Erzın Erzin / Hatay+90 (326) 681-51-74
Isgören Eczanesi
GPS directions
Aktepe Beldesı Fatıh Mahallesi, No:110 Hassa / Hatay+90 (326) 783-58-49
Zeytun Eczanesi
GPS directions
Girne Mahallesi, 99 Sokak, No:31 Hassa / Hatay+90 (326) 771-63-63
Severoğlu Eczanesi
GPS directions
Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Şehit Onbaşı Enver Durmaz Caddesi, No: 2/b Iskenderun / Hatay+90 (326) 614-66-26
Ümıt Eczanesi
GPS directions
Ulucamı Caddesi, No:130 Iskenderun+90 (326) 615-50-60
Songul Eczanesi
GPS directions
Numune Evler Mahallesi, Dr.sadık Ahmet Caddesi, 196 Sokak, 1 Isk. Iskenderun / Hatay+90 (326) 618-40-03
Denizciler Eczanesi
GPS directions
Denizciler Mahallesi, Atatürk Bulvarı No:13 Ceylan Apt. B Blok D:4-5/z Iskenderun / Hatay+90 (326) 645-22-99
Akpınar Eczanesi
GPS directions
Alsancak Mahallesi, Antakya Çevre Yolu Caddesi, 182/b Kırıkhan / Hatay+90 (326) 344-30-30
Kumlu Eczanesi
GPS directions
Gökçeoglu Mahallesı Yavuz Caddesı No:25 Kumlu / Hatay+90 (326) 461-25-10
Özer Eczanesi
GPS directions
Kürtül Mahallesi, Atatürk Caddesi, 59/a Payas / Hatay+90 (326) 755-00-00
Pısen Eczanesi
GPS directions
Kanatlı Caddesi, No:36/a Reyhanlı / Hatay+90 (326) 413-26-06
Nadır Eczanesi
GPS directions
Atatürk Mahallesi, Dr.alaeddın Cıllı Caddesi, 30 Samandag+90 (326) 512-12-21
Şerifoğlu Eczanesi
GPS directions
Kurtulus Mahallesı Atatürk Caddesı 53 Yayladağı / Hatay+90 (326) 471-20-16
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Today, there are 21 on-duty pharmacies in Hatay.

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