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Kastamonu Emergency Chemists

This list consists of Kastamonu emergency chemists on duty from (November 19, 2019 Tuesday) from 18:00 PM until tomorrow (November 20, 2019 Wednesday 08:00 AM) This is the default working hours of emergency pharmacies. However, it is possible that certain pharmacies are not open all night, and certain others might be available only on demand, which means they will be available if you call them on the phone and let them know you are coming. As such; it is strongly advised that you call the pharmacy before you actually go there. You can also "Select a District" from the menu and see Kastamonu on-duty pharmacies in a particular district/town.
Name Address Phone
Abana Eczanesi
GPS directions
Merkez Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Meydanı No:1/a Abana / Kastamonu+90 (366) 564-20-30
Deniz Eczanesi
GPS directions
Merkez Mahallesi, Hal Içi Sokak No:2 Ağlı / Kastamonu+90 (366) 737-14-14
Yeni Eczanesi
GPS directions
Hastane Caddesi No:29 Araç / Kastamonu+90 (366) 362-12-76
İğdir Eczanesi
GPS directions
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Caddesi 61/1 Araç / Kastamonu+90 (366) 372-73-64
Tuna Eczanesi
GPS directions
Merkez Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:36 Azdavay / Kastamonu+90 (366) 717-11-99
Yeni Sağlık Eczanesi
GPS directions
Sınarcık Caddesi No:10 Bozkurt / Kastamonu+90 (366) 575-11-01
Çatalzeytin Eczanesi
GPS directions
Merkez Mahallesi Ginolu Caddesi No:3/a Çatalzeytin / Kastamonu+90 (366) 516-13-60
Halk Eczanesi
GPS directions
Inönü Caddesi, No:23 Cide / Kastamonu+90 (366) 866-10-55
Demir Eczanesi
GPS directions
Merkez Mahallesı Kolukaraoglu Sokak, No:6 Daday / Kastamonu+90 (366) 616-12-04
Devrekani Eczanesi
GPS directions
Demırcıler Caddesı No:15 Devrekani / Kastamonu+90 (366) 638-12-08
Doğanyurt Eczanesi
GPS directions
Yakup Yıldıray Caddesi, No:21/e Doğanyurt / Kastamonu+90 (366) 843-15-45
Ozan Eczanesi
GPS directions
Merkez Mahallesi, Boyabat Caddesi, 36/b Hanönü / Kastamonu+90 (366) 214-62-22
Şifa Eczanesi
GPS directions
Yukarı Hatıp Bagı Mahallesı Dr.atılla Gürsoy Caddesı.57/1 İnebolu / Kastamonu+90 (366) 811-64-44
Yeni Binici Eczanesi
GPS directions
Kastamonu Devlet Hastanesi Karşısı Kastamonu Merkez / Kastamonu+90 (366) 212-63-00
Nur Eczanesi
GPS directions
Beyçelebi Mahallesi, Ankara Caddesi, No:5/a Kastamonu Merkez / Kastamonu+90 (366) 214-10-60
Küre Eczanesi
GPS directions
Camıkebır Mahallesı Kahve Önü Sokak, 10/c Küre / Kastamonu+90 (366) 751-20-34
Vatan Eczanesi
GPS directions
Cumhurıyet Mahallesi, Cumhurıyet Meydanı No:1/b Pınarbaşı / Kastamonu+90 (366) 771-43-33
Umut Eczanesi
GPS directions
Cumhuriyet Alanı No:28/a Şenpazar / Kastamonu+90 (366) 788-10-11
Damla Eczanesi
GPS directions
Sehıt Serıfe Bacı Caddesı No:13.17/d Seydiler / Kastamonu+90 (366) 668-49-54
Ankaralı Eczanesi
GPS directions
Karasaıt Mahallesi, Karasaıt Sokak, No:4 Taşköprü / Kastamonu+90 (366) 417-40-30
Karakuş Eczanesi
GPS directions
Hacıpır Mahallesi, Hükümet Caddesi, No:37 Tosya / Kastamonu+90 (366) 313-21-33
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Today, there are 21 on-duty pharmacies in Kastamonu.

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