All Aşkale Pharmacies (Erzurum) |
This list consists of all (on and off duty) pharmacies in the Aşkale district in Erzurum. You can use this list on a typical weekday during working hours to locate the nearest pharmacy. If you wish to see emergency pharmacies that are open after working hours in this area, please check out this page.

All Aşkale Pharmacies (Erzurum)

Name Address Phone
Aşkale EczanesiEmek Mahallesi, Erzincan Caddesi, No:4/z01-Z02 Aşkale / Erzurum0 (442) 415-17-21
Fatih EczanesiÇarşı Mahallesi, Istanbul Caddesi, No:60/1 Aşkale / Erzurum0 (442) 415-24-25
Saadet EczanesiÇarşı Mahallesi, Istanbul Caddesi, No:110 (442) 415-13-94