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About Us

Eczaneler.gen.tr (will be referred to as "the website" from here onwards), is a collection of pharmacy listings throughout Turkey. The Turkish edition of Eczaneler.gen.tr is the highest rated source for pharmacy listings in Turkey, trusted and linked by over hundreds of official government websites (.gov.tr), local municipality websites (bel.tr), and countless news and personal websites.

English edition of Eczaneler.gen.tr has been created on August 2019 in order to assist mainly for tourists, expats and anyone who needs pharmacy listing of Turkey in the English language.

Terms of Service

The website does not have any commercial or otherwise partnership with the listed pharmacies, but operates solely on an informative basis.

The website, utilizing a special software, fetches information from official emergency pharmacy lists, distributed by the Regional Pharmacy Associations across Turkey; processes and refines the information gathered and distributes this information freely on the website.

The website is a free source of information. The website does not take any responsibility in the event that the information provided on the website is partly of fully incorrent due to a technical or human error. It is strongly advised that you call a pharmacy on the phone and confirm it is available, before you go.

Using this website means that you accept these terms.

For our privacy and cookie policy please visit this page and if you have any queries, suggestions or complaints you can contact us via the contact page.